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  • Career Credentials

    Posted on March 30th, 2009 Nelson Bodnarchuk No comments

    Two goals of mine this year are to obtain the final bit of electrical design experience required to obtain my P.Eng and write the PMI PMP exam to obtain my PMP designation.

    I figure since my career has afforded me the opportunity to get this close to both of these “resume builders”, I may as well make an effort to add them to my portfolio of qualifications. Or more eloquently put “I should walk the walk if I’m going to talk the talk.

    Prediction: I see the next few months being dedicated to achieving these goals in my off hours.

  • Current Project

    Posted on March 27th, 2009 Nelson Bodnarchuk No comments

    The Current Project that I’m focused on is Re-branding and Launching a marketing campaign to create awareness and drive traffic to an MMOG website, that I previously Lead the development, and subsequent testing, over the course of 2008. The product is a Christian TV Series for kids ages 4-8 titles Paws & Tales. Here are the details:

    If you look at the Beta version you’ll see there is a lot of work to be done, however it’s mostly superficial content updates and minor feature additions. The core of the system which is a virtual world where users can chat and explore in real time with an avatar, which is built on the Ruby on Rails framework and utilizes Rabbit MQ Open Source Enterprise Messaging, is complete. And I’m happy to add, it’s free of any critical bugs.

    There is also a long list, from the testing phase of the project, that we’ve compiled for the client that is required to be completed. However, I won’t go into any detail to save you the boredom of reading my project burn-down list here, I’ll mention that it’s nearing completion and we’re aiming at an April 2009 version 1.0 launch.

    Team Credits:

    The team that I worked with on this project was professional, punctual and prefectionists when it came to the work, which made my job as PM an enjoyable one.

    NuLayer Inc., led by Mr. J. Brenner and Mr. P. Kieltyka, performed as the Back-End Team and did outstanding work in a short time frame.

    Cieo Creative Inc., led by Mr. J. Goodman and Ms. M. Plasterer, performed as the Flash Games Developer and played a key role in the Creative design of the over all game.

    IWD Canada Inc., led by Mr. K. White and Mr. B. Kumarasamy, provided the new website design and development.

    If you’re looking for and Web Development in the way of Appications, or Games for Kids, or Design and implementation these three companies will do the job on time and on budget.

    “Paws & Tales” is currently airing on:

    CTS TV
    (Ontario, Calgary, Edmonton) at 7:30 AM

    The Miracle Channel CJIL
    (Canada) at 10:00 AM

    UCB TV
    (United Kingdom)

    Please check your local listings for more information.

  • Do Something, Learn Something, Share Something, Change Something =

    Posted on March 24th, 2009 Nelson Bodnarchuk No comments

    I was just sent a link to this site It’s a great way to connect with a group of your interest as well as a great way to tap into a niche market if you’re looking to connect with a specific audience.

    Using the Web to bring people together offline.

  • Posted Services Page

    Posted on March 24th, 2009 Nelson Bodnarchuk No comments

    The services that I can provide to an organization are now posted on the Services page of this site. I have distilled my, almost decade, of work experience into 3 main “Parent Services”. Things always seem to come in threes.

    • Managing Projects
    • Project Support
    • Management Consulting

    Shameless Plug: I’m always looking for interesting challenges to take on that will help better a company, non-profit, organization or community. Don’t hesitate to contact me if I can provide these Services for you or your team.

  • Posted Resume Page

    Posted on March 24th, 2009 Nelson Bodnarchuk No comments

    My resume details are now posted to a new page, conveniently titled Resume, on this site. I figure since I spend the majority of my work day in front of a computer, most recently a MacBook Pro, I could keep a formal up-to-date archive of my career experience more easily. Experience being defined, in this case, as enough time to make mistakes and learn from them while celebrating the odd victory here and there.

    Shameless Plug: I’m always looking for interesting challenges to take on that will help better a company, non-profit, organization or community. The always evolving online resume will help future clients learn more about my background and how I can help their team achieve their goals.

  • Purpose

    Posted on March 24th, 2009 Nelson Bodnarchuk No comments

    Since my life’s odometer has just rolled past 30 years and I am obsessed with things like Schedule, Cost & Performance. I decided to start this website, title it Nelson v3.0 and dedicate it to everything Project Management. Look for future release versions as the years continue to roll on by.

    I know, Project Management doesn’t sound like a very exciting topic at first. However, I’ve been working as a Project Manager for close to seven years now spanning from Engineering, to Mining & Metallurgy, to Information Technology. I believe that Project Management is one of those key elements that, if practiced and executed well, will improve efficiency, as well as effectiveness, within any organization.

    The more I reflect on it, the more I realize that I tend to apply Project Management tools to just about every aspect of my life. I’ve led the development of a MMOG, provided a Metallurgical Site with an Equipment Strategy and even applied 5S to my own house in attempt to eliminate unnecessary weekend chores (to the the mild agitation of my wife).

    This site will be full of the methods & tools that I run into along my journey in the Project Management field, as well as some of the projects that I’m involved with.