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  • Paws and Tales Games Press Releases

    Posted on June 15th, 2009 Nelson Bodnarchuk No comments

    I’ve recently taken on the role of Product Manager for an online game, As a product manager, I’m responsible for the product design, development, quality and marketing. Since I submitted the Project Charter approximately a year ago, I’ve seen the product go from a few scribbles on a white board to a it’s current state online. As much fun as the development and testing stages were the current marketing stage of the project is the most challenging for me as my marketing experience in the trenches is shallow to say the least. However, since I believe that specialization is for insects, I believe that I’m up for the task at hand: to drive as much traffic to the site as possible in the next 6-12 months to increase the current user base of approximately 100 to approximately 100,000.

    My first step was to submit a press release to the various online news-wires to create some internet chatter. my first few online press releases are located here: Providential Pictures Announces New Paws and Tales Games MMOG Website, at providential-pictures-announces-new-paws-and-tales-games-mmog-website. Here’s a few more that will be posted by Wed. Jun. 17th at and at

    I’ve used the following sites and included a few stats just in case you’re ever in need of some quick and inexpensive PR.

    •, basic package is $0, paid options range from $1-$30
    •, basic package is $80, great customer service, two day submission delay with basic.
    •, basic package is $49, 1 day submission delay with basic.
    •, free and user friendly, you are fully responsible for your post
    •, basic package is $0 EURO’s, and user friendly

    Most of these site have tracking stats for your Press Releases, however it’s still early on so I’ll reserve comment on the stats trackers until a later date.

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